Leather Bomber Jackets for Men: Perfect Father’s Day Present

Leather bomber jackets for men are one of the most ultimate classic men’s wear. What it represents tell us a lot about history; the war, the men and the bravery. It’s a jacket that men can easily connect with. Unlike women, most men don’t feel psyched about the newest summer wear released by Vogue. They don’t experience an intense need to purchase a Balenciaga bag on sale. It’s rare for men to be lured by clothing and accessories easily as women do. And this is the reason why buying presents for a man is more difficult compared to getting one for a woman.

The usual presents we resort to are gadgets, a new tie, handkerchiefs or a watch. Getting them a watch can even be risky as you might get something they don’t really wear. Even if men don’t have a knack for gifts as women do, a gift on special occasions is called for. Young boys and teenage boys are easier to please, but what do you give your father? A very special man in your life, a person you’ve looked up to and leaned on for protection and guidance. What do you give a man who means a lot to you?

Father’s day is a once-a-year worldwide celebration. It is set on different dates in every country but the essence behind it is the same in every corner of the world. It is a day set for honouring fathers and celebrating their contribution to the society. Some fathers have no care for such occasions and don’t make a lot of fuss for celebrating it but for us, it’s a great excuse to treat our fathers out, say thank you for a lot of things and it’s a great excuse to give them a present.

Get leather bomber jackets for men

If your father is somewhere in his late 50s or older, there’s not much you can give him that will surprise him. He has seen and gone through a whole lot already and no tie, watch or handkerchief will ever be good enough. You’ve got a little pool for options in this case so you need to stick to something that has sentimental value or something that will make him re-live his youth.

A great gift for fathers this age is to help them feel young once more. Every person will have unique ways of doing so knowing their father’s personality but when you’re out of ideas, get your father a bomber jacket. It’s a jacket he will appreciate and be able to wear on a regular basis unlike a tie or tux. It has a lot of personality to it and it’s a very special jacket for a very special man.

The bomber jacket is a symbolic jacket that represents heroism, bravery and manhood. The story behind the presence of bomber jackets will interest most fathers. Leather bomber jackets for men are perfect as a present to a man who you’ve looked up to as your hero, confidant and friend.

Modern Style: Leather Jacket with Hood

A leather jacket with a hood is not the original design for flight jackets during the World War II mainly because flight jackets were meant for aviators. It was made to insulate and protect people from the cold temperature 50,000ft above ground. Rain doesn’t appear inside their planes, so hoods were not an issue to the original design.

Leather jackets were made iconic because of flight jackets, or what a lot of people would know as bomber jackets. These jackets were made immortal through Hollywood. It received an iconic status after numerous films were made with leading men wearing leather jackets. This happened sometime during the late 40s and early 50s. The fad was re-ignited in the 80s and 90s. It is a perennial garment that has gained many fans from different eras.

The leather jacket is a classic garment that will not be leaving the fashion scene soon. It has been in and out of style, but still manages to make its way back to the main stage. The trend for leather garments has returned and has swept wearers off their feet. Look in any urban clothing store or designer store and you will find a leather jacket. While it began as a uniform for pilots and later became part of the street wear, you will find that designer brands have taken it into their lines as well.

Leather jacket with hood: A modern design

Designs for leather jackets have evolved. Leather biker jackets that were once made for protection purposes have taken a liking to fashion. You’ll find modern designs for biker jackets, bomber jackets, leather vests and others.

A leather jacket with a hood is a contemporary design. You can see styles like this in brands such as Obey, Guess Calvin Klein and others. Women’s Forever21 also makes these for women. It’s not as far from the original design of bomber jackets. For the most part, deviations from the original design are mostly on the zipper, pockets and cuffs.

Hooded leather jackets are mostly made with a knitted hood or made with a built-in hooded sweatshirt like those made by Obey. You will also find a combination of leather jackets and varsity jackets but mainly, it’s the hood that separates it from other leather jackets. A leather jacket with a hood is one of the modern designs that make leather jackets easy to wear on a casual day.

Choose the Right Plus Size Ball Gowns

A few clothing brands have expanded their customer base by launching products like plus size ball gowns for larger women. For women’s clothing companies to be successful, they need to address the all types of women’s body. Clothing was custom-made in older times, but now there are limited options for plus-sized women.

For decades, clothing companies have failed to cater to plus sized women. Mannequins in stores have a hip measurement of 30-31 inches when the average woman’s hips measures 37 inches. Standard clothing shops sell size 10 or smaller when 50 per cent of women are size 14 or larger. Victoria’s Secret models wearing lingerie raise no problem in billboards and TV commercials, but a lot of controversy erupted when a model named Ashley Graham starred in a TV ad wearing sexy lingerie. She is a plus-sized woman and this apparently made her look “too sexy” or “too indecent” with all her curves.

A lot of women would call it weight discrimination. So, clothing companies who were smart enough to see this tailored clothes for the better half of women’s population. Ashley Stewart is one of these brands who focused on plus sized women. As proof of the brand’s success, they have more than 175 stores running as of present. There are other brands such as Holy Clothing, Lane Bryant, Jessica London, Torrid and others.

However, there are still a lot of cities and towns that don’t have clothing stores selling products for plus sized women, but it’s fine. Online shopping makes things more accessible for everyone and it’s now easier to find shirts, jeans, skirts and dresses for women with larger frames. Even evening gowns and ball gowns for bigger women can be bought online.

Guide to buying plus size ball gowns

Most women know their body shape but plus sized women normally fall under apple, pear or cone shapes. When you know the shape of your body, you’ll know what style of dress will flatter your figure. Styles for pear shaped women are ball gowns and A-line which also works well for apple shaped women.

Choose the right neckline. Plus sized women with large busts will look good with V-neck or low cut. Women with a smaller upper half body can go for a sweetheart neckline to help enhance the bust line. A halter neckline is used if you want to make your busts look smaller.

Lastly, choose the right style of sleeves. Some women who have large arms want to mask them. This can be done by wearing a plus size ball gown with sleeves.

How to Wear White Formal Dresses without Looking Like a Bride

White formal dresses look like wedding dresses. If you’re going to wear a white dress to a social event, there are a lot of tricks you can pull out to make sure you don’t look like a runaway bride who’s just stopped by for some drinks.

White has long been customary for wedding dresses. White dresses have been symbolic for bridal gowns for such a long time, that it’s difficult to wear one and not be seen as a woman about to get married. However, there are many styles and designs for dresses that look good in white so it’s not surprising to find a lot of women incorporating white dresses into their wardrobes. While some women completely avoid wearing white if they can, the more daring ones have tips to share on how to get away with wearing a white dress to a formal event.

What to wear with white formal dresses

Unless you want to be judged and talked about your inconsiderate choice of dress, you’ll have to add or match it with unlikely accessories you will never find a bride wearing. For example:

  • Use bright colored shoes.

White and cream colored heels are common with brides so skip those colors and find a fun colored pair of shoes. You can use flats, wedges, pumps or stilettos, whatever you feel like wearing, as long as they’re not white or cream colored. Bright colored shoes will make the white dress look even brighter and not so ‘wedding immaculate’ after all.

  • Wear long necklaces and colorful earrings.

Wear layers of necklaces. This takes the attention away from the dress and straight to your accessories. Also, match it with chic earrings so you get this laid back and fashionable look. Skip the pearls.

  • Wear it with a belt.

This will provide a break in the middle of the white dress. A belt is an automatic bride-free look. This works well if you’re dress has a simple design but if it has detailed beading or laces, that’ll be hard to get away with.

  • Wear it short.

Wear white dresses in styles of a mini dress or a cocktail dress. You get this stylish and sassy look and no one will mistake it as a wedding dress.

  • Keep it simple.

The fewer beads and the less lace, the better. Avoid elaborately designed white formal dresses and you’ll be able to wear it without being mistaken for a bride.

How to Choose the Most Flattering Petite Evening Dresses

Short women’s biggest challenges when searching for the right formal dress is finding petite evening dresses that will not swallow them and make them look even smaller. The goal for each petite woman is to make sure she wears the gown, and that the gown doesn’t wear her!

Petite is the term used for women who are shorter than 5 feet 3 inches. Regular sizes for female clothing are designed for women who are at least 5’5” tall. So, you can expect that regular women’s clothes won’t fit perfectly on petite women. Even if measurements for the bust, waist and hips are similar, the length of sleeves or leg inseams, back length and length between bust and waist will be too long for petite women. It is the same as how plus-sized women have their own standard measurements.

Making adjustments to regular dresses to fit a petite woman is difficult. It’s complicated to alter it without making an unsightly seam. The torso measurements are difficult to adjust and if you are just a few centimeters off, you end up with an ill-fitted dress.

Styles of petite evening dresses that won’t swallow you

A few clothing brands have addressed this difference in women’s sizes. Dresses for petite women are now made in styles that can provide a longer or slimmer look. Examples of dresses that have this effect are those that have vertical stripes or helical patterns around the body. Large patterns also give off a longer look while princess seams can make the person look slimmer.

Other tips on buying evening dresses for petite women include avoiding dresses with lots of fabric and embellishments. The more fabric and embellishment, the more it looks too big and heavy for your small frame. Go for dresses with simple silhouettes. Find flowing dresses and avoid puffy sleeves or waists. Try to stay away from tight clothes as well; it only makes your frame look even smaller. Don’t be afraid to get full-length gowns as long as you choose one that has a form-fitting bodice and a flowy skirt.

The best way to go if you’re a petite woman is to stay with simple and clean lines. Any excess of anything will not help flatter your look. This would mean that you need to keep your accessories minimal. Jewelry should be decent and not chunky. Maintain a small, simple and clean evening bag. Don’t pair petite evening dresses with a heavily-designed bag.

Valentine’s Day Dress For a First Date

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  What’s that? You and your sweetie actually just started dating?  When?  Was it two days ago or two weeks ago?  No worries.  You two deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day too!

We know what you’re thinking- You’re nervous.  You don’t want to go all out just yet.  However, you still want to wear something special for the occasion.  We’ve got just the looks for you.  Check out some of these casual, fun and flirty dresses that will fit the occasion for your first Valentine’s together.

Image: girlsguide by CC License

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Valentine’s Day Party Dresses

Okay, college ladies.  We know that your time has finally come.  Maybe your high school crush didn’t make your Valentine’s wishes come true, but thankfully, that’s what college Valentine’s Day dances are for!

So, you and your special someone are excited to dance the night away this February 14th at your college’s Valentine’s Day dance?  Well, there is no better way to celebrate a Valentine’s Day dance party than dressing as fun and happy as the occasion calls for!  We’ve got some totally fun dresses here for you to celebrate V-day in a totally hip, cool way!

Image: flickr user 49605386@N05 by CC License

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Sexy Valentine’s Day Dresses

There is no better dress for Valentine’s Day than the ultra sexy red dress!  You have been waiting to wear this dress all winter ladies!  Now, your day has finally come. We have some very sexy dresses that will cling to you as tightly as your date!  February 14th is no date to be shy.  Every girl is entitled to let her inner tigress out that night.  So, ladies, take a look at some of the most daringly sultry looks for your most romantic night ever.

Image: wanelo by CC License

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Valentine’s Day Purses

Now that you have found the perfect Valentine’s Day dress, it is time to find the perfect purse to go with it!  Finding just the right purse can be just as hard as trying to find your perfect soul mate. It has to feel, look and be just right!  We know this might sound like a challenge, but the good news is, we’ve got some options for you.

No matter what you are wearing for February’s most romantic day, you should wear a purse that not only goes with your dress for Valentine’s, but with your own sense of style that makes you comfortable in your everyday life as well. We’ve got purses for all sorts of personalities below.  Find your perfect purse mate!



Image: kaboodle by CC License

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