70’s Disco Fashion Style Ideas

There are so many things that are interesting related to the 70’s disco fashion style ideas. Like fashion in this modern era, fashion in the 1970’s also developed from time to time. There are various ways for you to follow this old style.

70’s Disco Fashion Style Ideas for Women

Women’s 70’s disco fashion style ideas look unique. Outfits for disco fashion style looks attractive in a sparkling pink and glossy satin purple. The top piece is designed with long, wide sleeves to match the wide legged trousers. There is simple vertical cut on the left leg trouser to display your fair skin. You can also read about Fashion model drawings.


70’s Disco Fashion

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70’s Disco Fashion Style Ideas for Men

Men fashion styles in the 70’s were quite simpler than women. Jumpsuits were worn and looked especially unique with an afro hairstyle. Men’s suits with a music print pattern also looked vibrant as a part of the 70’s disco fashion style.