Black Dresses on the Red Carpet

There is no limit to the styles of dresses our favorite female celebrities will wear on the red carpet.  Yet, one staple stays the same:  the black dress.  We love it and they love it too.  It’s a timeless beauty all on its own. Whenever our best-loved female stars step into their favorite black numbers, they show us some exciting new takes on a familiar favorite.  Now, let’s take a look back now through the years at some of our favorite stars and how they inspire us to take that little black dress to a whole new level on the red carpet. Image: blogstyleforgirls by CC License We love this Beyonce look circa 2009 at the premiere of her film Obsessed. This black red carpet dress truly does have the best of both worlds, with its short and sassy front and long train in the back.  The dress starts off with a deep, v-cut strapless top with a tight fit that accentuates her non-stop curves. Its  true micro mini hemline does its job well to show off her great legs! Then, the train in back follows behind her for a truly royal finish.  She pairs it with a great set of black pumps. We can’t say enough about how much we love this totally heart-stopping Beyonce look. Image: trendfashion by CC License
Halle Berry is truly one of America’s most beautiful women.  She makes yet another strong fashion statement in this sexy black gown back at the 2010 Golden Globes.  This tight black dress fits her so perfectly, it is almost as if she was literally sewn into!  Her hour-glass figure is greatly enhanced by the tight fit and daringly sexy cleavage bust line. As if that were not enough, the black lace inserts are an added bonus!  The nearly backless look creates even more of a dramatic look.  We also want to comment on her gorgeous bold dangling earrings.  They give off a subtle glow while still maintaining their darkness in color.  Halle once again proves that she is a true feminine force to be reckoned with on the red carpet in this stunning black gown. Image: stylewatch by CC License
Check out J.Lo in this sweeping black dress!  This style is definitely one of the most unique red carpet gowns we’ve seen in a while.  Yet, that’s not a surprise, coming from the woman who made headlines for her deep plunging neckline gown from back in the day.  She is still going strong here with an angular cut black gown. We love the symmetrical look of the exposing of one shoulder with the opposite leg striking a hot look front and center!  Check out those shoes too!  Those gold strappy high sandals are fierce!  The rest flows gently to the floor around her while her hair by contrast is tightly pulled back to show off her glowing smile.  Whether it is 2000 to 2013, Jennifer shines every year. Looking back in time, which is your favorite celebrity black gown on the red carpet?