Black Dresses of Stevie Nicks

Stand Back everyone!  There are very few artists that conjure up a strong fashion image of beauty.  One of those artists would of course be Stevie Nicks.  Yes, it is not enough that she is a highly talented singer-songwriter with Fleetwood Mac as well as on her own.  She has sold over 140 million albums with one of the most distinctive voices in musical history. Yet there is even more to this golden haired Gold Dust Woman.  She also has made her mark in the fashion world with her long, draping black dresses, dating back from the time Fleetwood Mac released Rumours almost 37 years ago.  And since then, the long black dress has never looked better on anyone.  Let’ take a look at some of Stevie Nicks’ signature black dress looks. Image: loulabellegray by CC License Okay here it is.  Here is the iconic black dress that started it all.  Stevie’s signature black dress look started here with Rumours.  The album itself, of course was also their takeoff into superstardom.  No one can forget this album cover and the loveliness of Stevie in her flowing black pixie dress with the wide, almost wing-like right sleeve. The outfit is reminiscent of a grown-up Pixie look, complete with lace-up black ballet slippers!  Her long locks of feathered layered hair falls gently around her face.  Holding hands with Mick Fleetwood himself, Stevie’s wispy black dress look helps bring alive the mystery and beauty of the Fleetwood Mac sound. Image: lyricaldiscord by CC License
Here is a casual Stevie Nicks black dress look from the late 70s.  We know the picture is black and white, yet her dress is clear.  Although not the totally decked out look, we still cannot forgo the little details that make it “Stevie.”  First off, we have to mention the very long and tight sleeves that envelope her very hands in a beautiful pointed finish, truly ala Stevie! We also love that sexy V-neck top!  And how can we not notice the generously sized black wrap scarf sweeping over her arms?  The jagged pointed hemline with studded crystals are amazing.   Last but not least, the wooden black platforms with black leather were not only all the rage then, but continue to sell out to this day!

Image: knoxmusictoday by CC License Here is the Stevie we all know and love best!  It is a modern day picture of Stevie yet we have seen this magical draping black dress throughout the decades for her.  Yes, folks, it is her “witchy” look.  Stevie soon graduated from pixie dress to full on witch dress fairly quickly!  Stevie has mastered making the witch dress over for good girls as she has dominated this look year after year.   The black mesh fabric, the endlessly wide sleeves and the long flowing skirt make this black dress a Stevie Nicks’ trademark. Image: flickr user whattstalking by CC License Stevie is posing proudly here in a more business-like version of her witchy black dress look.  Yes, she tones it down here, but we actually really love this look as well.  It has the typical long flowing skirted bottom with uneven jagged hemline and more jacket-like feel to the top. This look reminds us, despite all the “illusions of love” an artist needs to write a hit song, she still is one smart businesswoman behind all that talent to boot!  (Oh yeah, nice brown boots as an accent too!) Image: vkru by CC License Just when we thought we’d never be able to replicate Stevie’s quintessential look, we found a great picture of a designer who specifically created a dress after Stevie.  We love it!  It is a great new youthful modern take on Stevie’s classic black, willowy look!  The unique V-neck hemline and studded button front is just the right added touch for a bit of rock’n’roll glam. The sleeveless top portion allows for a more free spirited natural look with a “high low” dress bottom to add to the best of the old and new worlds together. It’s so great that young women can wear a dress styled after Stevie for a new generation still only at the Edge of Seventeen to get to know her music all over again. Stevie’s style truly shows you how to create your own fashion statement, and to remind us all to Go Your Own Way!