Black Floral Sun Dresses

Sundresses are your way of smiling at the world all summer!  And in some lucky areas, they can be worn year-round!  Sundresses come in so many colors, even in black.  A black sundress makes a bold statement, especially when combined with beautiful floral prints.  Let’s take a look at a variety of beautiful black floral sundresses for a dramatic flower power style.

Image: by CC License

Aloha!  There is no better sundress than a Hawaiian one!  The beautiful bright red hibiscus flowers and their green leaves fill the dress with the spirit of the islands.  Its classic cover-up style is a must-have for the beach.

The bandeau strapless top that leads to an oh-so-comfortable elasticized waistline and subtle high-low hemline swing skirt is just what you need to frolic on the beach on a warm day.  Wear it over your bikini or as a dress on its own.  Even if you’re not in Hawaii, you can still dream that you are in this tropical black sundress!

Image: thisnext by CC License

The black floral sundress meets the practicality of a jumper.  While it is technically a dress, this little number gives off the sensibilities of a great outfit for play or the office.  The flowers are placed in happy, neat little clusters all over the sundress.

The slightly thicker straps allow for a bra to carefully be placed underneath while the button front bodice gives off a subtle work feel to it.  The nicely fitted top portion then stops at the waist to a wider skirted bottom for an innocent flowing finish.  For a truly happy work look or a lunch date with the girls, this adaptable little black floral sundress says it all!

Image: flickr user robertsena by CC License

Here we have the classic black maxi dress — floral style.  The maxi dress, of course, is known to have has a tight fitting top with a looser fitting bottom.  The bandeau tight top stops right before the waistline hits to a long, flowing skirt that ends right at the ankles.  Yet what makes this beauty stand out is its floral design.

Like the bottom of a tropical fish bowl of flowers we see a garden of beautiful colored blooms extending from the bottom all the way to the knee!  We even see a dragonfly or two!  Want to accessorize?  How about a gorgeous chunky necklace in one of the many colors featured on the dress?  Lastly, it can easily be worn with either flat or high sandals, whichever you prefer.  Every woman needs a great black maxi dress.  Why not jazz it up with some beautiful blooms?

Image: flickr user alldresses by CC License

Okay, want an understated floral look that still shows off all your feminine charm? Go for this simple black mini sundress with tiny white flowers.  The floral pattern is so small it literally melts into one pattern of black and white. The spaghetti straps and bra top make for a super casual yet very delicate look.  The elastic high waist pulls you in to a flared out skirt bottom.  This breezy little black floral sundress is just too cute to resist.

Where will you wear your black floral sundress this year?  Let us know!