Black Sequin Dresses

We know what you’re thinking when you hear the words: sequin dress.  You’re thinking 80′s glam at its best or grandma’s glittery gown at your cousin’s wedding.  Well, we’ve got news for you.  The sequin dress has now been updated to a fine, new fashion, especially in black sequins.  Recently, the black sequined dress has been made over.  Black sequin dresses can be as classy as any other black dress and we’ve got some great finds to show you below.  As further proof, we even have a celebrity sparkling in one to prove it! Image: by CC License The Hills’ star Stephanie Pratt proves that sparkling up that black dress is all too sassy.   Stephanie’s dress features black sequins in a classic short, tight dress with long sleeves.  The deep v-neck open back and zipper closure adds an even more dramatic look. We would also like to note the addition of her totally shiny hot black leather boots.  These boots truly jazz up the black sequined look to the modern era better than any other accessory could.  Bravo Stephanie! Here are two versions of the same dress.  One is the gown version while the other is the ultra sexy mini. Image: vuhera by CC License
In this first dress, we see how classical beauty meets sequins.  This black sequined gown truly is a classic.  Yes, it could have been worn in the 80′s, but amazingly enough, it has withstood the test of time.  It honestly is still one of the most stunning cuts.  With its sweetheart top and fitted bodice that allows the rest of the gown to simply drape to the floor, we know that anyone woman of any time would make an entrance at any special occasion. Image: allfashion by CC License
In this second dress we simply raise the hemline a bit… Well, maybe a lot!  This super mini black sequined dress is still a total classic in another way:  the mini black dress.  Yet, without the sequins it would not have the same elegant appeal.  The sweetheart top gives it the feminine touch of sexiness we love, once again.  Yet, the shorter fitted bodice caters to those nights when you want to show off those beautiful legs! Can’t decide which of these two black sequin dress looks would look best on you?  We think you’ll need both: one for summer and one for winter.  Why not? Image: styleandflair by CC License
Sequins can be girly too!  This black sequin dress normally has a very formal and mature look to it.  This fun and carefree dress proves that black sequins have a youthful side too!  The one shoulder strap angled over the shoulder allows for a great combination of both sexiness and feminine charm.  The fitted black sequined top of the dress stops at the waist to allow for a whole new look on bottom.  Rather than the traditional tight look with sequins, it poofs out to a solid black skirt made out of both solid and sheer fabrics for a totally flirty finish.  This black sequined dress is a great party dress to shake your thing in those sequins all night long! Now that we’ve learned that black sequins are back, don’t just sit there.  Get yourself a hot new black sequined dress and make fashion history new again.