How to Choose the Most Flattering Petite Evening Dresses

Short women’s biggest challenges when searching for the right formal dress is finding petite evening dresses that will not swallow them and make them look even smaller. The goal for each petite woman is to make sure she wears the gown, and that the gown doesn’t wear her!

Petite is the term used for women who are shorter than 5 feet 3 inches. Regular sizes for female clothing are designed for women who are at least 5’5” tall. So, you can expect that regular women’s clothes won’t fit perfectly on petite women. Even if measurements for the bust, waist and hips are similar, the length of sleeves or leg inseams, back length and length between bust and waist will be too long for petite women. It is the same as how plus-sized women have their own standard measurements.

Making adjustments to regular dresses to fit a petite woman is difficult. It’s complicated to alter it without making an unsightly seam. The torso measurements are difficult to adjust and if you are just a few centimeters off, you end up with an ill-fitted dress.

Styles of petite evening dresses that won’t swallow you

A few clothing brands have addressed this difference in women’s sizes. Dresses for petite women are now made in styles that can provide a longer or slimmer look. Examples of dresses that have this effect are those that have vertical stripes or helical patterns around the body. Large patterns also give off a longer look while princess seams can make the person look slimmer.

Other tips on buying evening dresses for petite women include avoiding dresses with lots of fabric and embellishments. The more fabric and embellishment, the more it looks too big and heavy for your small frame. Go for dresses with simple silhouettes. Find flowing dresses and avoid puffy sleeves or waists. Try to stay away from tight clothes as well; it only makes your frame look even smaller. Don’t be afraid to get full-length gowns as long as you choose one that has a form-fitting bodice and a flowy skirt.

The best way to go if you’re a petite woman is to stay with simple and clean lines. Any excess of anything will not help flatter your look. This would mean that you need to keep your accessories minimal. Jewelry should be decent and not chunky. Maintain a small, simple and clean evening bag. Don’t pair petite evening dresses with a heavily-designed bag.