Choose the Right Plus Size Ball Gowns

A few clothing brands have expanded their customer base by launching products like plus size ball gowns for larger women. For women’s clothing companies to be successful, they need to address the all types of women’s body. Clothing was custom-made in older times, but now there are limited options for plus-sized women.

For decades, clothing companies have failed to cater to plus sized women. Mannequins in stores have a hip measurement of 30-31 inches when the average woman’s hips measures 37 inches. Standard clothing shops sell size 10 or smaller when 50 per cent of women are size 14 or larger. Victoria’s Secret models wearing lingerie raise no problem in billboards and TV commercials, but a lot of controversy erupted when a model named Ashley Graham starred in a TV ad wearing sexy lingerie. She is a plus-sized woman and this apparently made her look “too sexy” or “too indecent” with all her curves.

A lot of women would call it weight discrimination. So, clothing companies who were smart enough to see this tailored clothes for the better half of women’s population. Ashley Stewart is one of these brands who focused on plus sized women. As proof of the brand’s success, they have more than 175 stores running as of present. There are other brands such as Holy Clothing, Lane Bryant, Jessica London, Torrid and others.

However, there are still a lot of cities and towns that don’t have clothing stores selling products for plus sized women, but it’s fine. Online shopping makes things more accessible for everyone and it’s now easier to find shirts, jeans, skirts and dresses for women with larger frames. Even evening gowns and ball gowns for bigger women can be bought online.

Guide to buying plus size ball gowns

Most women know their body shape but plus sized women normally fall under apple, pear or cone shapes. When you know the shape of your body, you’ll know what style of dress will flatter your figure. Styles for pear shaped women are ball gowns and A-line which also works well for apple shaped women.

Choose the right neckline. Plus sized women with large busts will look good with V-neck or low cut. Women with a smaller upper half body can go for a sweetheart neckline to help enhance the bust line. A halter neckline is used if you want to make your busts look smaller.

Lastly, choose the right style of sleeves. Some women who have large arms want to mask them. This can be done by wearing a plus size ball gown with sleeves.