Eye makeup for Small Eyes

The purpose of eye makeup is to make the eyes more beautiful by highlighting the natural beauty of your eyes. Small eyes, for example, can be enhanced and made to look bigger. You can begin by applying eye shadow to the whole eyelid. Do not ignore this step since it can make the area smoother and will make it easier to apply further makeup.

People with light color eyes should use a silver or light ivory color to spread across their eyelid. Avoid heavy makeup since it can make your eyes look even smaller. Having bigger eyes does not mean that you should apply dark eye makeup. Although dark colors can accentuate the eyes, it will not make them look bigger.

For the eyeliner, choose black, or colors that are in line with your eye shadow. Make sure that the color of the eyeliner is darker than that of the eye shadow. Some people often think that in order to make their eyes big and beautiful, they should make a thick, dark line. This is in fact a wrong idea because this will close off your eyes and make them appear smaller than they are.

Do not neglect your eyelashes! Curl them and apply mascara to enhance the length of your lashes for a fantastic look. Now, are you ready to apply your eye makeup?

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Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

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