Modern Style: Leather Jacket with Hood

A leather jacket with a hood is not the original design for flight jackets during the World War II mainly because flight jackets were meant for aviators. It was made to insulate and protect people from the cold temperature 50,000ft above ground. Rain doesn’t appear inside their planes, so hoods were not an issue to the original design.

Leather jackets were made iconic because of flight jackets, or what a lot of people would know as bomber jackets. These jackets were made immortal through Hollywood. It received an iconic status after numerous films were made with leading men wearing leather jackets. This happened sometime during the late 40s and early 50s. The fad was re-ignited in the 80s and 90s. It is a perennial garment that has gained many fans from different eras.

The leather jacket is a classic garment that will not be leaving the fashion scene soon. It has been in and out of style, but still manages to make its way back to the main stage. The trend for leather garments has returned and has swept wearers off their feet. Look in any urban clothing store or designer store and you will find a leather jacket. While it began as a uniform for pilots and later became part of the street wear, you will find that designer brands have taken it into their lines as well.

Leather jacket with hood: A modern design

Designs for leather jackets have evolved. Leather biker jackets that were once made for protection purposes have taken a liking to fashion. You’ll find modern designs for biker jackets, bomber jackets, leather vests and others.

A leather jacket with a hood is a contemporary design. You can see styles like this in brands such as Obey, Guess Calvin Klein and others. Women’s Forever21 also makes these for women. It’s not as far from the original design of bomber jackets. For the most part, deviations from the original design are mostly on the zipper, pockets and cuffs.

Hooded leather jackets are mostly made with a knitted hood or made with a built-in hooded sweatshirt like those made by Obey. You will also find a combination of leather jackets and varsity jackets but mainly, it’s the hood that separates it from other leather jackets. A leather jacket with a hood is one of the modern designs that make leather jackets easy to wear on a casual day.