Black Floral Sun Dresses

Sundresses are your way of smiling at the world all summer!  And in some lucky areas, they can be worn year-round!  Sundresses come in so many colors, even in black.  A black sundress makes a bold statement, especially when combined with beautiful floral prints.  Let’s take a look at a variety of beautiful black floral sundresses for a dramatic flower power style.

Image: by CC License

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Black Dresses of Stevie Nicks

Stand Back everyone!  There are very few artists that conjure up a strong fashion image of beauty.  One of those artists would of course be Stevie Nicks.  Yes, it is not enough that she is a highly talented singer-songwriter with Fleetwood Mac as well as on her own.  She has sold over 140 million albums with one of the most distinctive voices in musical history. Yet there is even more to this golden haired Gold Dust Woman.  She also has made her mark in the fashion world with her long, draping black dresses, dating back from the time Fleetwood Mac released Rumours almost 37 years ago.  And since then, the long black dress has never looked better on anyone.  Let’ take a look at some of Stevie Nicks’ signature black dress looks. Image: loulabellegray by CC License Read the rest of this entry »

Black Dresses For Work

We know the last thing you want to think about right now is work. Yet, there is one thing to look forward to in every work day, and that is looking good for it.  We know it is tough to plan out your outfits for the day let alone a whole week!  Fear not.  We’ve got some great staples for you in the way of the perfect black work dress. You know that you can never have too many black dresses for work.  They’re slimming, they can match with a variety of colorful accessories, and they are always completely work appropriate.  So, why not buy a few of them to have on hand throughout the week?  What’s that?  You don’t think they would provide enough variety in your wardrobe?  We beg to differ.  Here are three great and distinctive classic black career dress looks.  Let’s check them out. Image: aliexpress by CC License Read the rest of this entry »

Black Sequin Dresses

We know what you’re thinking when you hear the words: sequin dress.  You’re thinking 80′s glam at its best or grandma’s glittery gown at your cousin’s wedding.  Well, we’ve got news for you.  The sequin dress has now been updated to a fine, new fashion, especially in black sequins.  Recently, the black sequined dress has been made over.  Black sequin dresses can be as classy as any other black dress and we’ve got some great finds to show you below.  As further proof, we even have a celebrity sparkling in one to prove it! Image: by CC License Read the rest of this entry »

Black Dresses on the Red Carpet

There is no limit to the styles of dresses our favorite female celebrities will wear on the red carpet.  Yet, one staple stays the same:  the black dress.  We love it and they love it too.  It’s a timeless beauty all on its own. Whenever our best-loved female stars step into their favorite black numbers, they show us some exciting new takes on a familiar favorite.  Now, let’s take a look back now through the years at some of our favorite stars and how they inspire us to take that little black dress to a whole new level on the red carpet. Image: blogstyleforgirls by CC License Read the rest of this entry »

Kate Middleton’s Black Dresses

When you’re a royal Duchess, it’s safe to say you have a few black dresses in your wardrobe.  Kate Middleton is the true fashion icon of the royal family.  From weekend bliss to obligatory events, Kate has all her black dresses covered.  No matter the look, she manages to stun everyone with her style.  Let’s look back at some of Kate’s quintessential black dress looks below. Image: deviantart by CC License Read the rest of this entry »

Junior Black Dresses

A teenage girl loves nothing more than her best friend.  But what about her other best friend?  That’s right.  We’re talking about her best black dress!  Younger women have to have a favorite go-to black dress for that party.  That’s why they have the all-important junior size dresses.

Don’t count grown women out either.  That’s right.  Many fully-grown women are also still beating the hands of time with the same smokin’ hot bod they had in high school!  For that reason, we have taken the time to show you a variation of some of the best black dresses your favorite junior department should have.

Image: imgfaves by CC License

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Black Dresses Through the Years

The black dress has stood the test of time.  Over the years, it has undergone a variety of looks. With each new decade, it gladly adapts to whatever the trends call for at the time.  In fact, the ever-evolving change of the fashion world is the only thing that remains constant.   Let’s take a stroll down memory lane for some of the most iconic black dress looks

“Lucy, I’m home!”  Yes, we loved the feminine beauty of the 50s fashions.  Here are two great dresses that scream “I Love The 50′s Black Dress.”

Image: flickr user vestido by CC License

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Casual Black Dresses

We know you have that sexy little black dress.  We know you have that work black dress.  But what about the “casual, I’m shopping around town this weekend” black dress?  You’ll need that dress more than any other dresses!  After all, what are we going to wear when we go out to buy our other clothes?  Or, maybe instead of shopping, you have a great lunch date with the girls.  You’re going to need a great casual black dress that works for it all.  Here we have some must have everyday black dress looks perfect for just such occasions.

Image: fashionlyst by CC License

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