Valentine’s Day Dress For a First Date

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  What’s that? You and your sweetie actually just started dating?  When?  Was it two days ago or two weeks ago?  No worries.  You two deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day too!

We know what you’re thinking- You’re nervous.  You don’t want to go all out just yet.  However, you still want to wear something special for the occasion.  We’ve got just the looks for you.  Check out some of these casual, fun and flirty dresses that will fit the occasion for your first Valentine’s together.

Image: girlsguide by CC License

There is nothing wrong with being an old fashioned girl!  And this retro 50s look is a statement to say it all.  With its halter-top, button down front and poodle skirt, you’ve got the look.

The smoking hot color lets your date know you are one striking beauty in red tonight!  Pair it with a chunky pair of heels and a choker necklace and of course a great cardigan sweater to compete the total look for your first Valentine’s night to become a part of your own history in time now.

Image: flickr user dressygurlby CC License

Here is the best of both worlds.  You can have your totally hot pink color yet styled on a cute and comfortable dress.  This look is a no-brainer.  With thicker straps to allow for any type of bra, a nice fitted bodice to show off your figure, it flares to a wide skirted finish to spin around dance the night away!

Pair it with a jacket for warmth or even a tiny cardigan sweater.  It will also look great with a pair of knee-high boots in black or brown and help keep the casual feel all the while keeping your toes warm too!  Soon, you’ll forget it’s only your second or third date and remember how much your significant other means to you on this special first Valentine’s Day.

Image: flickr user rococo by CC License

This cute little light pink dress is as innocent as it comes.  It is especially great for those living in warmer climates year round to take advantage of its delicate material.  In other areas, we know it might be a bit chilly in February to wear this little sundress, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be warm inside wherever you are!

The eyelet lace short little dress has a beautiful fit with sweetheart top, spaghetti straps, fitted waistline and an A-line skirted bottom finishing in a flirty height above knee.  Be sure to accessorize the look with some casual jewelry, as shown, such as a chunky bracelet, colorful necklace and platform sandals.  The more casual the accessories, the more relaxed the look will be to tone down any worries of overdoing it.  To top it off, just throw on a sweater or jacket and you’re on your way to your very first Valentine’s Day!

We know that the first February 14th together can be a bit tricky.  Choosing a casual or fun outfit should help ensure the day is as stress free as it was intended to be!