Valentine’s Day Party Dresses

Okay, college ladies.  We know that your time has finally come.  Maybe your high school crush didn’t make your Valentine’s wishes come true, but thankfully, that’s what college Valentine’s Day dances are for!

So, you and your special someone are excited to dance the night away this February 14th at your college’s Valentine’s Day dance?  Well, there is no better way to celebrate a Valentine’s Day dance party than dressing as fun and happy as the occasion calls for!  We’ve got some totally fun dresses here for you to celebrate V-day in a totally hip, cool way!

Image: flickr user 49605386@N05 by CC License

What girl wouldn’t have fun in this dress?  We think your date will be equally excited.  In fact, this solid red dress will please the whole crowd as you spin around the dance floor in it!  The solid striking red color lets your date know you are one hot mamma, yet the fluffy finish is very flirtatious.

The sweetheart top with crisscross fashion layers are bust enhancing and stylish at the same time.  The fun feel to the crinoline skirted bottom shouts dancing queen!  Make sure to accessorize with sparkling bling on your hands, fingers, ears and neck for an even more fun, finished look. This all too precious red Valentine’s dress is sure to get all eyes on you on the dance floor.

Image: weheartit by CC License

Say you’re still in college, but you are enjoy looking sophisticated.  Well, here is the perfect combination dress that says fun with delicate beauty all at the same time.  First off, its light champagne pink color give this dress an A+ for class.

Secondly, we love the shiny tight upper bodice fit with lacey beading overlaying it.  The thin ribbon waistline pulls you in with a beautiful shiny bow tie to release a flutter of layers below!  The silky layers of fluffy skirt end high above the knee for a totally feminine end.  Be sure to accessorize with appropriate shiny yet tasteful jewels for the Valentine’s Day dance dress of your dreams.

Image: kknotts by CC License

There is no mistaking this dress for a Valentine’s Day party!  The hot pink dress is a strikingly bold color choice for a glamour girl’s favorite dance moves.  The strapless top is sexy yet covers with a solid form fitting bodice.  The ruched short-skirted bottom almost bounces with real life energy as a super fun way to kick your heels up without a care in the world!

Last but not least, the waistline is accentuating by a nothing less than a gorgeous black bow, making you the best wrapped Valentine’s present of the evening!  Be sure to accessorize with a great set of heels, drop earrings and a sparkling necklace in silver or CZ jewels for a totally flawless finish.

You’re only young once!  So, make sure to celebrate the night away at your Valentine’s Day dance with a totally fun party dress.  It will be a Valentine’s to remember from your youth for years to come.