Valentine’s Day Purses

Now that you have found the perfect Valentine’s Day dress, it is time to find the perfect purse to go with it!  Finding just the right purse can be just as hard as trying to find your perfect soul mate. It has to feel, look and be just right!  We know this might sound like a challenge, but the good news is, we’ve got some options for you.

No matter what you are wearing for February’s most romantic day, you should wear a purse that not only goes with your dress for Valentine’s, but with your own sense of style that makes you comfortable in your everyday life as well. We’ve got purses for all sorts of personalities below.  Find your perfect purse mate!



Image: kaboodle by CC License

You are dainty and refined and want everyone to know it.  The good news is, this beauty of a pink purse shouts it out loud.  This gorgeous fluffy chiffon layered clutch is a virtual flower bouquet in a purse as an extension of your no doubt fancy pink dress to match.  This clutch closes with an exquisite gold and pale pink medal finish up top to hold all the necessities every princess needs for her Valentine’s night out.

Image: pinterest by CC License

You know how to have a good time yet always let your feminine frill shine.  Nothing is more feminine than a classic pink bow.  Why not add it to your favorite all-time style of fancy purse? The large bow is oversized to show your bright and happy personality.  Yet, the hot pinkness of the color allows for a bit of spice to your night.  The bow is atop of the clutch in a seamless color fashion with classic fold-over closure to hold all your precious goodies for the night. Pink clutch lovers, you’ve found your match in this snappy pink purse for Valentine’s Day.

Image: pinterest by CC License

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without flowers!  Why not add them to your main accessory for the evening?  This adorable purse is for the woman with the softer side that loves a little design to mix and match to break up the solid pink dress for the evening.  The fabric material makes for a much more unique look to the traditional purse fabrics.  Its beautiful stand up triangle shape with drawstring closure has its own form yet thanks to the pliable material it allows more freedom to place a few extra necessities for the evening!  This beautiful flowery fabric bag is sure to make the love of Valentine’s bloom that much stronger!

Image: daolemi by CC License

You are a proud, strong woman!  Let your purse show it.  You need a bit more room for all your essentials, so you opt for a slighter bigger purse for the evening, even on Valentine’s Day.  It’s your choice, right?  You love the big bold color of this red purse.  You are all woman between the layered ripples of leather (your softer side) and the sharp beaded center that hawks back to your Madonna days to pull it all together.  The duality in carrying ability is also important to you, with not only a hand but a shoulder strap too.  Step back everyone, because you look strikingly hot with this red purse this Valentine’s night.

Image: daolemi by CC License

Your chakras are all aligned within you.  You are especially in tune with your sophisticated side tonight in a red dress for Valentine’s Day.  You are so confident in your dress, you would never want an accessory to overshadow it, so you find the perfect little pouch purse with drawstring closure as an accent to it.

However, this little purse packs a lot of its personality in one little pouch! We like that it has a bit of its own ying-yang going on.  It has not only a red floral satin side but also a dark, rich black half. Wearing this purse will show everyone your true sense of love and balance in the world for this Valentine’s Day.

Image: flickr user 5529 by CC License

You are a classic beauty and love simplicity at its best.  Here’s for the most classic red Valentine’s Day of all. This red pouch purse hangs from a gold chain and classic old-fashioned two-pronged gold closure up top. Its bright red color is a perfect shade to match with your lips for a totally brilliant classic red look on Valentine’s Day.

See ladies?  Whether you love the more hot side to Valentine’s Day with red or the more feminine beauty of pink, there is a perfect Valentine’s purse for everyone out there.