How to Wear White Formal Dresses without Looking Like a Bride

White formal dresses look like wedding dresses. If you’re going to wear a white dress to a social event, there are a lot of tricks you can pull out to make sure you don’t look like a runaway bride who’s just stopped by for some drinks.

White has long been customary for wedding dresses. White dresses have been symbolic for bridal gowns for such a long time, that it’s difficult to wear one and not be seen as a woman about to get married. However, there are many styles and designs for dresses that look good in white so it’s not surprising to find a lot of women incorporating white dresses into their wardrobes. While some women completely avoid wearing white if they can, the more daring ones have tips to share on how to get away with wearing a white dress to a formal event.

What to wear with white formal dresses

Unless you want to be judged and talked about your inconsiderate choice of dress, you’ll have to add or match it with unlikely accessories you will never find a bride wearing. For example:

  • Use bright colored shoes.

White and cream colored heels are common with brides so skip those colors and find a fun colored pair of shoes. You can use flats, wedges, pumps or stilettos, whatever you feel like wearing, as long as they’re not white or cream colored. Bright colored shoes will make the white dress look even brighter and not so ‘wedding immaculate’ after all.

  • Wear long necklaces and colorful earrings.

Wear layers of necklaces. This takes the attention away from the dress and straight to your accessories. Also, match it with chic earrings so you get this laid back and fashionable look. Skip the pearls.

  • Wear it with a belt.

This will provide a break in the middle of the white dress. A belt is an automatic bride-free look. This works well if you’re dress has a simple design but if it has detailed beading or laces, that’ll be hard to get away with.

  • Wear it short.

Wear white dresses in styles of a mini dress or a cocktail dress. You get this stylish and sassy look and no one will mistake it as a wedding dress.

  • Keep it simple.

The fewer beads and the less lace, the better. Avoid elaborately designed white formal dresses and you’ll be able to wear it without being mistaken for a bride.